Of Holidays and Olives


Directed by Yorgos Karagiannakis & Tijana Rakić, 2006, 38 minutes

Of Holidays and Olives is a case study on the impacts of tourism on the island of Crete, Greece. Long known as a tourist destination, Crete is usually tackled from the aspect of the guest. This film establishes the point of view of the host and the host environment. The potential impact of this particular work lies in its uncovering of certain tourism facts, like the growing construction works in holiday destinations to supply the constantly growing international holiday home market and its impact on the host community and environment, or, the rising potential of alternative tourism for the non coastal and mainly agricultural destinations. Seeing this documentary, potential holiday home buyers might become motivated towards greener alternatives. Apart from this particular audience, this film will also serve as an inspiration to local people, in engaging in alternative, environmentally friendlier types of tourism. In addition, with its constructive critical analysis of tourism, where Crete is used merely as an example of this global phenomenon, this film will also inspire travellers to engage more in environmentally friendly practices.

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